Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are important but they are a chore to read. So to summarise — we are not interested in sneakily collecting information about you, your business or your clients. Any information we do have is used only to provide the product or service that you have bought from us. Your information is never sold to anyone else, and is only shared where required for the product or service you have purchased, or if required by UK law.

Thanks, Adam.

The Information We Collect

There are four types of information worth mentioning:

Personal Information

We do nothing sneaky to collect your personal information (which includes: your name, address, contact details and payment information). We only hold as much information as you send us as is needed to fulfil an order that you have placed, and we will only use it for that explicit purpose.

We do not sell your personal information to others — trust is important to us.

Business Information

Certain products & services that we offer require us to host data on your behalf. This data will be provided by you, or created on your request, and held for the sole purpose for which it is supplied (for example: your website content, blog articles & comments or your mailing list).

You are in full control of this information, and we do not stake any claim to it, but it must adhere to our terms of use.


We do collect some anonymous statistical usage information for the sole purpose of supporting the website & services and planning future updates. This information includes: device type; os version; language; country and usage frequency of certain features.

We NEVER link analytics data to information that identifies you, and we do not collect your Unique Device ID or exact GPS location.

Analytics is provided by Google.


IP Address: Due to the nature of the internet your IP address is sent to us whenever you communicate with us. This is logged as a matter of course, but only for audit and fraud prevention purposes.

Cookies: Cookies are used to provide certain functionality, for example, logging in.

How We Use Your Information

Service Provision: We only collect the above mentioned information so that we can provide the products & services you have purchased, to fix problems with the website/service/app, and to plan/prioritise updates based on requirements, usage and the location of our customers.

Our Partners & Suppliers: We only ever share the minimum information required with our partners & suppliers in order to deliver the products & services you have purchased from us. Currently, our main suppliers include (but are not limited to) Google, Microsoft, Zoho, Amazon, & NameHero (this list may change from time-to-time). As such, our service offerings operate within the terms of use & privacy policies of our partners & suppliers.

Mailing List: If you have provided us with an email address, we may give you the option to keep up to date with our news and offerings – this is entirely optional on your part and you can opt-in or out at any time.

Your Clients: We will NEVER contact your clients directly, unless you have specifically asked us to do so as part of a service you have purchased from us.

Never Sold: We never sell any of this information to others.

Data Protection: Your information may be held in an EU data centre and governed by GDPR, in addition to UK data protection laws.

The Law: We may use any of the above information to deal with a direct request you have made to us; in order to abide by UK law; or as a result of a UK court order.

Further Information

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, or if you need our services, have a problem, complaint, bug report, or just want to say hi, the quickest way to get in touch.